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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Stage 1: The initial hand hemmed handkerchief using fabric from an old shirt

I was quite surprised by how quickly this first stage was finished, especcially considering the fact that while the idea had been stewing in my mind for some time, I only actually decided I would attempt it on the day I did it. As a result of this rather sudden commitment I found myself having to rearrange my room in order to extract the desk I would need to work on from amongst my hamsters, surprisingly easy now that I'm old hand at sudden and seemingly random left of field decisions.

Now onto the bit you care about, where I pretend I'm telling you how to do what i did but really it's just so you can find errors in my method and correct them.

The shirt

A standard hawk t shirt in yellow,  childrens size L

This is what I would be working with but before that I had to tackle and encountered this problem:

As you can see my paper was too small for a pre-existing handkerchief and so buoyed by enthusiasm and blissful ignorance I decided that a rough diagram representing a square of fabric with a rough note denoting size and seam allowance would be enough,

And so the shirt was laid out on the desk, marked in pencil and cut:

And then came the hemming and although my poor cutting, inexperience and lack of knowledge of more than 1 stitch prevented a neat hem, after one rather frustrating side was completed all those old memorys and new routines were formed to the extent that I honestly feel I could sew a hem on anything, so long as it isn't on show.

As you can see the heming is not the best but I decided to add in a label for good measure anyway.

So there we have it, concept proved and in a couple of months I will be able to get a decent sewing machine so until that time I shall study up on pattern making, cutting patterns and pockets plus see if I can't blag som material to practise on.

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