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Sunday, 16 July 2017



Alexander Gordon Jahans

Suffocating, muscles aching, under ice.


Left fist makes contact.


Right fist makes contact.

So tired, can’t breath, much pain.










Raise your head up. Take breath.

So tired, muscles aching...


Raise your hand up, slap it down on the ice.

“Not today!”




Raise your other hand up, slap it down.



So tired, such pain...






Scrabble up the ice.



So tired, much pain...

Roll over, look at the sun, smile.

“Not dead...”

So tired, such pain...

“Not yet...”

Roll over, scrabble forward.

So cold, get to dry land, get to a beach.

Such pain, so tired.


Reach beach, dry land, safe.


“Not yet...”

Scramble to your feet lurch against a tree.

“Need food... Need shelter... Need heat... Need a way off this damned rock...”

You don’t give in. You don’t stop. Your body aches. Your body screams. It pleads and it pleads. Rest. Sleep. Die. End the pain. End the tired.

You don’t give in. You don’t stop. It hurts and it hurts and part of your screams for death but you don’t stop. You will survive. You will live. One day you will be happy. One day you will rest.


Today you survive.

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